Wednesday, 30 September 2009


just quick note to say: i have in fact not died or given up on this blog.

my life has just been in total chaos due to moving house, working 14 hour shifts and coming home to no internet & a broken computer (also no clean clothes, furniture, food etc ...but that's by the by).

anyways, interweb arrives today, new laptop this week sometime.

so v.soon i will make up for this woeful blog performance with an avalanche of news, annecdotes and recipes inspired by my new nahm-kitchen-bound existence.

watch this space.


chumbles said...

It's bad enough moving house, but all that AND your working hours must be a real nightmare. You wait til you try and find something! ;-))

Celestial said...

It's nice to know you're still here, lol.

Debs said...

Was wondering where you'd got to. Nice to see you back.

Michelle Peters said...

Poor you :-)

Milly said...

Hello! just thought I would write a quick note on your groovy little blog to say thankyou for the delicious meal at Hahm last week. It was really lovely to finally meet you. Hope to see you again soon. Milly xx

Andy said...

Thanks all.

Milly - good ta meet u too. glad u enjoyed. drop us an email sometime: x