Sunday, 27 December 2009

Nahm - some snaps from the kitchen

Nov & Dec have been, errr, pretty busy at the not been much blogging going on here.

But did recently manage to take few snaps at the restaurant which thought i'd stick up here.

Obviously taking pics during service is little tricky, especially as i've only recently learnt one end of my camera from the other, so they're not gonna win any prizes.

But it does give a wee snapshot of the Nahm kitchen where i now spend the majority of my time.

Early morning shot of two of of many Eastern European kitchen porters - Christof and Sasha in this case - cracking on with daily chore of making fresh coconut cream / milk.

It's a mission of a job, which involves smashing up a tonne of coconuts, squeezing em in a big press and warming the pulp with water...

The happy couple: sous-chef Chris with Ireni (our elderly, Lithuanian, ball-breaking kitchen porter).

She has fists like clubs, is old enough to be my granny and has a repertoire of broken english phrases to give you what for... like "very not beautiful!" (when you make a mess) or "NOT bring!" (when you leave a pot in the wrong place where she refuses to pick it up from).

But of course everyone loves her all the same.

Here's Choi deep-frying some long dried chillies before service.

The wok station ready to go - with jet engine like burner already firing.

Desserts lined at the pastry section - ready for wrapping and then steaming to order.

Julien knocking up coconut black-ash pudding in a copper wok...

Close up of said pudding, it might look like engine grease but is surprisingly tasty.

As ever, Curry section's ready for service at least an hour before before the rest of us.

Alessio and Choi manning their posts.

Me and sous-chef Chris, and in the background Dobbie 'giving the finger' right behind his head.

Our runners that night - Aggi and Roman.

One of my fav dishes on the menu: pork n squid salad with chilli jam dressing, ma hor canape in the background.

A Thai meal on the runners tray - all the dishes plus rice come to the table at once, the idea being they compliment and balance each other.

A stack of spiked cheques on my section come the end of service.


Katy said...

Nice to see that you are enjoying it and having fun - looks like you've got a team of United Nation there! Bet you (British) are a minority - But that's part of the fun, isn't it?

Happy Holidays and hope you have a good and successful 2010!

Best wishes.

chumbles said...

Wow. If I ever had any remote idea of working in a professional kitchen, I can see, being a 16 stone and 6' 1" claustrophobe, I might have some problems in that space - even you look like a giant. Glad you're enjoying it and hope you get some sleep some time! Happy New Year!

Angela said...

It's good to see that you didn't let your talent go to waste after the show was over. We enjoyed your dishes on Masterchef and I certainly understand the pull for Thai food - which was my reason for visiting Thailand.

All the best from Berlin.