Thursday, 25 March 2010


I recently got back from a blissful holiday in Caribbean with some friends.

We were in Tobago - an extremely chilled island down south near Venezuela.

Just the ticket after my first 7 months in a professional kitchen.

We were self-catering
and I generally did the cooking, which was a pleasure - wondering down to the next beach come sunset to see what the fishermen had brought in that day and returning with a whopping fish for not much $$$.

Refreshingly all the fishing out there seemed to be done pretty sustainably i.e small scale, small boats, with lines and for only what they could sell that day or, at most, the next.

i did quite a bit of different stuff with what we kebabs, baked whole in banana leaves, BBQ'd , Thai fish curry (with some paste n bits which i'd smuggled over), deep fried goujons with home-made lime mayo etc.

Though with
such spanking fresh fish even doing bugger all but putting it in the oven for few mins produced delicious results.

I didn't recognise all the species of poisson out there but there was definitely kingfish, mahi-mahi (dolphin fish), albacore tuna, barracuda, snapper and much more...

Little slideshow below of my fishy themed snaps. Hope you like.

Am now back in the kitchen in chilly London, tan fading fast!

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Ben said...

Nice! Photos are great man, good to see the camera is getting some action!