Thursday, 23 September 2010

Nahm in Bangkok

Apologies for lack of blog-action of late: I’ve been away on some much appreciated R & R in Turkey. Before that I also spent a few blessed days chilling and eating in Provence - where I had planned to take some food snaps to get on here, but my camera has mysteriously developed a serious technical hitch (of the not-working variety). Off to fix-it shop this morning.

Anyway, in the meantime a quick note to mention the fact that my boss David Thompson has just opened our sister restaurant Nahm in Bangkok. Pretty exciting (well for me at least).

David takes his food very seriously but, I'm sure, that for him, nothing gets more serious than feeding high end Thai food to Thais in Bangkok - he'll be in the kitchen 24/, tasting, checking, yelling and tasting again.

Apparently the food is seriously good, but seriously uncompromising - e.g sometimes hot enough to injure you, sometimes using ingredients of the not-for-the-faint-hearted variety (hands-up for fish-gut infused curry?) etc.

Nahm BKK - some of the best Thai food in the world (so don't let the odd mention of fish guts put you off).

I spoke to David briefly yesterday (he rang the restaurant) and, amazingly, he seemed his normal wry self. He kindly said come out and visit, see the restaurant & he'll take me round town.

Not before Christmas I won't, but it would take some sort of ash cloud + natural disaster combo to keep me away in 2011.

Oh and see this article from Sunday's Observer Food Monthly on David, Nahm BKK and his new street food book (which is out in October, more on that soon).


Andrea said...

Posted to twitter while you were away:

@andy_oliver have you seen this?

Andy said...

thanks andrea - yeah did have a look at that. i kind of agree about the spacing of the food...but the reason we serve it all together is that's it's the authentic way to eat: the dishes should balance each other.

we are experimenting with staggering the mains now though, a good thing methinks.

Anonymous said...

Hello mate - your blog reads great. It really is your style, both the food items that you pick and the way you write. Mamnun

Laura Nickoll said...

I've been meaning to visit Nahm for years, and coming across your great blog and Giles Coren's enthusiastic write-up in the Saturday Times will spur me on to make a booking. Hope you can get over to Bangkok very soon!

Alan spedding said...

Great blog , very interesting.Love the photo at the top of your home page...WOW , great bit of food photography.