Monday, 21 February 2011

Leaving Nahm...and heading to Bangkok!

After more than 18months the coming week will be my final one at Nahm London.... Heading back to SEAsia: I finish at the restaurant on the 1st of March, and fly to Bangkok for 2 months in Thailand (plus a side trip of 2 weeks in Vietnam) on the 3rd March. I'm going to be spending some time in the kitchen at Nahm Bangkok, but also in two other restaurants in Bangkok and one in as I say, two weeks eating in Vietnam. Plans still being finalised but suffice to say it should be an absolutely awesome trip, and one where can take my knowledge of Thai and Vietnamese food up up a notch. I'm planning to put loads of stuff up on my blog while out, recipes, videos of street food and insights from the kitchens of some amazing restaurants. So watch this space. Leaving Nahm: I'm sorry to be leaving such a special restaurant. I've learnt a amazing amount working for Matthew Albert (the head chef), David Thompson and alongside some really good chefs over the last 18 months at Nahm. Coming out of Masterchef as an amateur cook I felt it was important to understand how far I still had to go, and so working in a top kitchen alongside some great chefs doing a cuisine I'm passionate about was, for me, the only thing to do. I've still got a long way to go in terms of where I want to be as a chef, but I've definitely come a long way from where i started before joining Nahm, and I worked a good number of sections...entrées, salads, relishes, soup, stir-fry and pastry. There's no other restaurant in Europe where you can learn Nahm's unique food, the cooking techniques or be exposed to such an amazing array of South-East Asian produce, and with some amazing Thai chefs in the kitchen it's been very special place to work. There's a great team of people there and I will miss it. I believe the greatest compliment you can pay David Thompson is to state the fact that he has inspired almost every chef that has ever worked for him. I am no exception; David has totally changed the way I look at Thai food and the experience has made me 100% certain that South-East Asian (and especially Thai) food is my passion & my vocation. DT: the main man. And when I get back.... When I'm back from my two months away I'm going to be doing some private catering and other freelance cooking work for a couple of months, perhaps even longer. So! If you're interested in having a dinner party or alike catered by me, or some South-East Asian cookery lessons over the summer, then please feel free to drop me an email: And after that? Well I'm planning to work in another top Thai or SEAsian restaurant, exactly where I'm not yet sure. Andy


pieternel said...

Wow, I'm very jealous of your next two months and will look forward to your next entries. Have fun!!

Javi_mol said...

Good luck man, next step nahm Bangkok, that is GREAT!!

All the best over there.

chumbles said...

Brilliant news and I wish you the very best out there; take plenty of photos and blog a lot - we'll be reading avidly. Good luck and good eating.

Matt Harrington said...

Andy, When you start the cookery lessons, I'm up for something, especially SEAsian based!

Mr Manchild said...

I'm actually heading out to Thailand myself for 24 days on the 13th April.

This will be my second trip, but my first since I became a bit of a foodie last year. I'm Spending a few days in Bangkok and can't wait to sample as much street food as my belly will allow. I'm especially looking forward to trying Oyster Omelette's for the first time & eating plenty of my favourite Tom Yum Goong.

Look forward to reading about your culinary & travel adventures.

P.S. just out of curiosity, what is the name of the restaurant you will be working at in Chumphon? I'll be passing through there on my way to Koh Tao.

Andy said...

thanks all. can't wait. got high hopes for the blog when i'm out there so watch this space.

mat - yes defo get in touch, i'll be doing that kind of thing this summer, i'm already down to do a class for divertimenti this summer...28th of june is scheduled for.

mr manchild - dont actually know the name yet! is all organised through a thai chef i work with, and getting the details over the next few days but drop me an email or something in a week's time and i'll give you the down-low.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Would be very interested in taking a workshop with you next summer - will you keep us posted? I live in Amsterdam, so I need a little time in advance to organise to come to London.
Was watching Masterchef 2011 last night and wondered why you weren't there on the night all the former contestants came and ate what the new ones cooked.
thanks, Pieternel

Andy said...

Pieternel - i was on a family holiday in turkey (it was filmed back in Sept) they asked me to come back for it.... but a week in the sun with the family was too good to cut short. Shame it clashed though, would have been great fun.

Will definitely keep you posted re cooking classes, as mentioned below 28th june looks like first fixed date at mo. But will do other dates and probably some private stuff on request. Feel free to email too.



pieternel said...

Ah, that explains it very well - Turkey: lovely!! Good food there!!!
Will not be able to make 28 th of june, but will email and try and find out if you'll do other dates.
Have fun in Bangkok,
bye Pieternel

mycookinghut said...

you'll love SE Asia!