Friday, 19 August 2011


Firstly apologies for my awful lack of love for my blog of's not that i've given up on it.  

On the contrary: i'm actually in the process of pimping up my blog and website and bringing them together.  So watch this space!

Anyway, in the meantime here's something i want to bang on about a bit: I'm going to be doing The Loft Project in late September, along with a mate - Mark (the sous chef at Nahm).

It's basically a special private dining space owned by Nuno Mendes of Viajante.  Top chefs from all over the world cook - there doing multi course menus for a single table of 16 diners.  


We are doing two nights - the 23rd and 24th of Sept.  

The food will be at least 8 courses of Southeast Asian food, plus canapes and petit fours.  

We're going to be finding the best & most interesting Asian ingredients. smuggling some things from Bangkok and combining it all with some of the best British meat & seafood. 

I urge you to come! See here for more info and to book: 

We've been working on it for a few weeks already, coming up with ideas and testing dishes.

Here's our example menu:

Kanom 'taco', grilled pork, pickled ginger flower & chilli jam
Powdered trout, crispy shallots, cold watermelon
Som saa cured scallop, lemongrass, orange chilli & mint
Grilled cured pork, crisp quail egg & white turmeric salad
Duck broth, green melon & chanterelles
Red curry, harlequin squash & green papaya
Salad of Thai herbs, snake-head fruit, tamarind & sesame
Lobster, grilled coconut relish, Thai basil
Braised beef cheek, bamboo & pickled Vietnamese vegetables
Warm perfumed coconut cream, tapioca pearls, jackfruit doughnut
*Petit fours*
Mango 'gnuan', teenage coconut
Lychee, iced jasmine and pandanus syrup

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