Saturday, 12 March 2011

Thai Wafers, Chinatown

These are a sweet street snack common all over Thailand. a crisp wafer made from various flours: rice flour, ground toasted lentils and mung beans - at least that's how we made them at Nahm London, where we had a version of them on as a dessert.

The fillings are pretty varied but usually include meringue, often golden sweetened egg strands and sometimes even sweetened shredded dried shrimp. Tasty crisp little morsels, Thais go mad for them.

p.s working at Bo.Lan at the moment, stunning food, will write about it soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

I will probably get shot for this but thrilled to see your recent blogs and know you are still alive and having fun! Have been using the wonderful David Thompson cook book you bought me and loved reading about the recent delights - especially following my cooking attempts with crab cakes, cucumber relish and other Thai dishes - all well received. Much lv From your Mum..

JeffreyShockley said...

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