Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Eating in Thailand and Laos. Part 3 - Street food in Northern Thailand

Here's another set of my food snaps from this year's visit to Thailand & Laos. Below are snaps of the street food i ate in Northern Thailand - Pai, Chiang Mai & around (would have loved to have gone all over but 6 weeks goes quick).... 1st up Khao Soy - one of N.Thailands most famous dishes, i think Burmese in origin. It's a rich & delicious curry sauce with chicken or beef, noodles, crispy noodles and a selection of garnishes...especially chopped shallots and mustard greens: Mad rubbery pancake things made from red sticky rice - they're grilled and puff up, then on goes sesame seeds and condensed milk. Strangely addictive, always a queue for these. Grachai - relative of ginger - often gets finely shredded and added to certain curries as a final garnish. Rice noodle wraps with a sweetish fried shallot & garlic filling, with a stick to eat and some green bird's eyes for heat. Awesome find on the street in Pai - an interesting variety of sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf with a selection of toppings, these two are sweet shredded pork (defo my favorite) and crispy beef with fried garlic & herbs. Here's one of the best things about heading north: Thai spicy sausage - you get a fermented and non-fermented version. Grilled in front of you. Really good and quite open-textured (not uber dense and meaty like some European snags). Sometimes fragrant with things like lime leaves too. Damn good: Rice flour pancake things baked in cast iron dish...sugar at the end. Locals eating and picking up their take-away from the market on the way home (many Thais do this rather than cook complex food from scratch every night). A far-cry from Mac-Dee's.

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