Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Few random food snaps

Few random food snaps i've taken recently, mainly with my (rubbish - need to get a new one) camera. Shout if anyone wants the recipes.

Simple dinner of chorizo and butter bean stew with haddock and smoked paprika.

Large Agen prune frangipan tart

Flat breads i made to go with a N.African fish stew i did for 21 recently. Just used a (Richard Bertinet) bread recipe, rolled it out thin & added EV olive oil and some za'atar)

Spiced lamb cutlets with pomegranate cous cous and tzatziki (this pic is decent - i.e not taken by me).


Anonymous said...

the pomegranate cous cous looked good and i would love to read a recipe for it many thanks

Andy said...

sure. in a nutshell:
it's lamb cutlets - trimmed of fat then marinated with cumin paprika cinnamon and lemon juice plus a couple of tablespns grk yogurt and some seasoning.

then cous cous...cook (best way is just barey cover with boiling water and clingfilm, leave for 10mins then fork through). with loads of pomegran seeds, pistach nuts (roughly chopped), mint and parsley an spring onion chopped and mixed through. season with lemon juice salt pepper and some EV olive oil. Griddle or BBQ chops to medium rare, then serve with some yog with lemon juice grated (and squeezed out) cucumber chopped garlic and salt. mess around an vary any way you like...diff meats / diff dried fruit or nuts in cous cous etc.