Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Eating in Thailand and Laos. Part 4 - restaurants in Bangkok

Here's (probably, unless i find more of my snaps and notes) the final installment of my Thailand and Laos 09 travel-food pics.

This one is just pics from 2 restaurants in Bangkok...I generally only ate on the street out there but tried these two places as had read write ups (particularly by Austin Bush - who's the main man in the know on such things).

If anyone is heading out there & wants detail of these restaurants, or tips on where i found the best street food then just drop me a mail (or, as mentioned, go read Austin Bush's blog - a man who lives there, hangs out with David Thompson & knows a mill times more than me when it comes to getting good scram in the land of smiles).



First Chote Chitr - a six-table restaurant in the Banglamphu district, which has gained something of an underground following since it got some serious love by a few foreign reviewers.

It's specialty is Mee Krob - which, i think, means crispy noodles. It's a delicious collection of crisp, slightly sweet and quite sour noodles with herbs prawns, chilli, beansprout etc. The sourness was from the peel of som saa, which is apparently a rare kind of citrus fruit - i wouldn't know one if it bounced off my bonce, but it brought perfect balance to a dish which could easier have been too sweet and cloying.

Next one of my fav dishes - roasted aubergine salad. A delicious sweet sour and smoky collection which included fresh & dried shrimp, with the latter being used to perfect effect here, adding a meaty, almost bacon like depth to the dish.

Still @ Chote Chitr (i went back a couple of times when passing through BKK)...crab Thai style (fried hard so it sort of souffles) omelette, shredded banana flower salad (another speciality at CC - roasted dried chillies really elavating it) and a red curry with roasted 5 spice duck & pea aubergines. All got lapped up.

Sorndaeng was the only posh-ish restaurant i visited in BKK (from last time i visited i came to conclusion, rightly or wrongly, that most of them are a disappointment). It came highly recommended so gave it a whirl. Here's what we ate:

krathong thong ('golden baskets') with chilli and slightly sweet corn mix filling, pretty and tasty but a bit dummed to my taste.

Then a good green curry with catfish dumplings & apple aubergines.

And one of my fav Thai dishes - spicy pomelo salad, which was yum, but i have to say not as good as one i ate on the street (for half the $$) the day before!

Chicken in pandanus leaves...

And finally steamed red curry, crab and coconut cream parcels. These were on the money!

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