Monday, 15 June 2009

Al fresco pics

Ok i haven't blogged in a bit (been busy working away at Maze and York n Albany among other things), but keen to get some new stuff up over next few days.

Plus I need to get that manky pic of my mashed up finger off the top spot (no better way of putting peeps off my blog than being greeted by snaps of gruesome injuries)!

So, for a start, here's a sample of some al fresco (in my back garden) pics you might like. Food's by me, pics by Sarah Louise ( - a great photographer i do some snaps with from time to time...

Chilled beetroot soup with goats cheese & baby purple basil:

Confit cherry tomato crostini

Marinated strawberries (vanilla, lemon, star anise etc)

Yogurt, mint, pomegranates, pistachios, honey and medjool dates.

More recipes etc to come soon.

p.s the finger is now back in action (no more documentary snaps i promise!)


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