Monday, 1 June 2009


Managed to mangle my finger in an unfortunate incident (taking a cocky no-chopping board short-cut with a very sharp knife) when rushing to prep for a dinner party on sat night.

Sprayed the kitchen nicely...doh!

Though did manage to get the food out (one handed - so no 'special seasoning' in the sauce) before heading off for a fun evening in A & E.

I start a week stint @ Maze tomorrow, bit concerned - as it's not the kinda place where you want to be cack-handed.

Lesson learned though, no more short cuts wit sharp knives for me.

Pic of the sorry digit and offending blade (it was freshly sharpened for maximum finger slicin potential), lovely.


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Foodie said...

Yowsers. I cut my finger tackling a salami (you can't make it up) and went half way through. Still cant feel that side of the finger 10 years on! And now will make a pretty crap crook as have a very distinctive finger print over the scar.