Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Chorizo salad (& a new camera!)

Finally, i've bought a half decent camera...a digital SLR with macro lens.

I barely know one end of the camera from the other yet but am going to enjoy learning and putting the results up here etc.

So here's the very 1st pics from it - hot off the press (it's basically what i just ate for lunch). Plenty of room for improvement but, compared to my old camera, the diff is huge.

Chorizo salad with chickpeas, tomatoes & roast pattypan squash:

Rough recipe: i cut a couple of pattypans each in to about about 8 pieces and roasted with some garlic, thyme, quartered onions, seasoning and olive oil - for about 20 mins in hot oven. Meanwhile i cooked some slices of good quality soft chorizo in a pan, deseeded and sliced few plum tomatoes, chopped a little red chilli and couple of spring this i then added a tin of drained chickpeas and plenty of roughly chopped parsley and mint, oh and the zest of one orange. Little red wine vinegar/lemon juice, seasoning and good olive oil and toss through.

Couple more pics...


Lynn said...

Those are excellent, and very appetizing pictures!

(And this looks delish - but if we don't have pattypan squash here, what might be a good substitute?)

Andy said...

thanks, defo room for improvement in pics but good start i recon.

pattypan not essential at all...butternut squash / pumpkin / sweet potato are ideal (roast for bit longer perhaps - until tender). or courgette would work the same as pattypan.


Daniel Oliver said...

good start on the camera bruv - you'll get a feel of things as with anything with time and practice. the fact you've got it mainly to focus on one type of photography wil help alot.

Kenneth said...

It looks delicious!! Lovely pictures you have taken with your camera!!