Thursday, 30 July 2009

Nahm, Mat's and Rick Stein's prog BBC2

Couple of things of-mention:

No1 - if you haven't been watching it already then check out Rick Stein's S.E.Asia prog on BBC2 8pm. He's already been to Cambodia, and to Vietnam where he was shown round Hanoi st food by Tom Kime - whose cooking i'm a big fan of and who I've been lucky enough to meet and had the pleasure of helping him cook for the photo shoot of his forthcoming book on sustainable fish (check it out - some v.tasty recipes).

In the latest episode he's in
Thailand where he gets shown around and cooks with my new boss - David Thompson. He's not on long but it's a really good snapshot of the man himself (pretty eccentric witty dude, knows a ridiculous amount about Thai food ...etc).

Here's the link

No2 -
I'm off to Mat Follas (M-chef winner)'s restaurant tomorrow. I'll be cooking; giving his sous chef the night off and hopefully not embarrassing myself (cant really call myself a proper chef yet & am defo not at the stage where i can confidently walk in to a restaurant for 1st time on a Friday night and take the roll of sous chef...not sure i ever will be come to think of it!). Am sure Mat runs a tight ship down in Beaminster. i cant wait to taste some of his yummy food and see the man himself in HIS OWN restaurant - no small achievement so soon after Masterchef and in current econ climate / credit crunch of doom etc etc. Good on the man i say. Will take my new camera so's i can do a post on it when i'm back.

No3 (last one i promise!) - i start at Nahm on Monday! So will have my knives sharp, my bike oiled and try and remember not to have a boozy weekend! Will begin posting news of this new adventure shortly after.


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