Wednesday, 21 July 2010

'Hot' London eateries.

Here's a couple of ideas on where's hot to eat in London right now...


Just opened off highbury corner, Trullo does a tight menu of rustic Italian dishes.

Opened by a guy who I know from the week I spent working at Moro - Tim Siadatan. Before Moro Tim was at the prestigious St John and was one of Jamie's original recruits for his 'Fifteen' project, and, randomly, is the brother of Apprentice winner Yasmina

Tim Siadatan

The style is similar to Moro, The River Cafe and Bocca di Lupo (not surpising really, when you realise Jacob who set up BDL used to work at Moro and Sam & Sam who started Moro came from the River Cafe); the charcoal grill gets a lot of action, there's a small ingredients-led menu and so on. But it's cheaper - starters around £5 and mains are about the £12 mark.

Book in advance though - with glowing reviews the place has got off to a flying start and tables are hard to come by.

The Loft Project:

If you want something different and exclusive then this could be for you...not a restaurant The Loft is a Dalston based "platform for the next generation of talented chefs to take up residency and showcase their food".

Errr yeah...well basically it's a private venue which has top quality guest chefs come and cook their own signature menus.
It holds a maximum of 16 at one table and the menu is a fixed multi course (normally around 12 dishes) menu designed and cooked by whichever chef is resident that day.

The place is the brain child of Nuno Mendes and the chefs who cook there are undoubtedly some of Europe's most exciting talent.

Check out the schedule of top gun cheffers here

£120 per head it's not cheap, but that includes wine, and where else are you going to get a private tasting menu from a culinary trail blazer for that price? Errrm.... nowhere? Correct!


Not content with just The Loft, this summer Nuno Mendes opened the seriously ambitious restaurant 'Viajante' in a very cool venue: the Bethnal Green Old Town Hall.

Rather than read me ramble on about it have a look at these two links to give you an idea of the place:

The food at newly opened Vijante is some of London's most modern modern and inventive.

A couple of other 'hot' London tables:

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