Monday, 12 July 2010

Nahm - few more snaps

A few more snaps from Nahm kitchen taken recently...

One of the new stir-fries - a smoky chilli beef, with fried shallots, toasted chillies & cumin. A personal favourite.

Here's the 'Hots' section plating up.

Razor clams with grilled gola (a kind of thick curry with a roasted-coconut flavour), then topped with crispy shallots and fresh coriander.

Chef Prinn in action - the man's a topgun on the wok.

Dishes on order prepared ready to be stir fried or steamed.

Chef Dtew tucking in to some after-service leftovers (dont think i've ever seen him without that cheeky grin on his face).

Before we all push off home heroic kitchen porter Nicolas arrives with a doff of the hat - to clean the kitchen top to bottom through the wee hours.

I regularly bump in to him again the next day as he finishes his shift and I start my next. He's stopped bringing the previously standard issue 2 cans of redbull... as I think he's now got a dodgy ticker!

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