Sunday, 20 March 2011

Rice noodle factory, Mekong Delta

Just come back to Saigon after a few days in the Mekong Delta. Above's a snap of small noodle factory I poked my snout into down there....

Looks like they're making rice papers at first glance but it's actually noodles. Not the fresh no-need-to-cook type you eat so often in Vietnam (which are made from cooked rice), this method uses raw broken rice grains and produces a large rice paper sort o thing.

These they dry in the sun for few hours, before running them through a big pasta cutter type machine.

Out come fine dry-ish noodles, which are bagged up and driven to market on the back of a motorbike (this being the only option, as there's just a dust track leading out from the place).

The whole operation was v.rustic - mud floor, chickens clucking around etc, but all pretty skillful and efficient too. Just like so many things in Asia.

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