Saturday, 19 March 2011

Seafood bonanza (errr...somewhere near Bangkok)

Ok so, despite posting something every other day (more or less), I'm already getting bit behind in terms of writing up the interesting stuff I've eaten / want to blog about.

Hence I'm currently in the Mekong Delta (Vietnam) but am posting a meal I ate back in Thailand.

Will get back toi Vietnam after this entry but first wanted to stick up few pics of a really good Thai meal I had a few days ago with Bo an Dylan (of Bo.Lan restaurant, Bangkok).

The restaurant was a fairly posh Thai for fairly well-off Thais place about an hour outside Bangkok. I can't claim to have sniffed it out mysleft, Bo had been there before and it was a favourite of her parents who, like most Thais, are pretty into Their food.

Here's what we ate, in no particular order...

  • Thai oysters served with crispy shallots, chilli jam and some fern-like vegetable i've forgotten the name of.

  • A lon (which is a sort of coconut cream based relish, almost a curry at times) of lobster and minced pork

  • Crisp soft shell crab stir fried with curry powder, chilli and spring onion.

  • Raw mantis shrimps marinated ceviche stlye in lime, chilli & garlic

  • A sour curry ('gaang som') of seafood, mainly lobster as far as i could tell!

  • A type of red curry called 'gaang krua' with snails (freshwater, I think) and bamboo shoots.

And, yep, the food was all really good. The rich and delicious lon, crispy & spicy crab and the oysters were the highlights.

It all got the thumbs up from Bo and Dylan, which is high praise as far as I'm concerned.

All that food was arguably a little excessive for three people....but wtf...twas just the job to put some meat back on my skinny chef bones!


Anonymous said...

"and some fern-like vegetable i've forgotten the name of"

Cha-Om ?

Andy said...

nope it wasn't cha-om, i'd know / smell that a mile off.

if i come across it again i'll take a close up snap.